About Me

Alternative Photography

Rafał Marchut – born February 27, 1975 in Nisko, Poland. Polish photographer, pictorialist, graphic designer. The organizer of photographic competitions for people with mental health issues.
He specializes in the oilprint process and gum bichromate, also experimenting with cyanotype, kallitype and Vandyke brown print.
The artist’s workshop is characterized by an increased sense of multifacetedness, and attention to detail while softening the sharpness, dynamic tonal contrast, and the uniqueness of a single photograph, characteristic of alternative processes.
In his work, he pays special attention to various aspects of the places to which he travels, processing them with the help of his individual style and subjective analysis. In this way, his photographs evoke a unique interpretation of space and time, shaped by his own experiences and peculiarities of a specific location.

„Photographic alternative processes, being the leveler of mechanical image registration, give back most of the creative control in the hands of the photographer. It is this element that is the main advantage thanks to which the uniqueness of the hand-made print allows me to express my artistic intention and suggestively strengthen the visual narrative.”

Honored with the „Culture Activist” statuette by the City of Nisko’s mayor in 2021. He appeared in a series of broadcasts of the Polish Radio Rzeszów and a documentary film devoted to the profiles of artists and creators from Nisko entitled „Five questions to …”